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A Special Note

Hello, my name is Roger Haeske.

Recently I came across the letter you're about to read below. I was so impressed with it, I immediately snatched up the "Instant Expert" program offered in the letter.

Jason Fladlien is a unbelievably talented person and a great teacher. I've even paid to do consultations with him to help me improve my Time Management.

Not only is he just about the most productive guy on the Internet, he's also an absolute speed learning machine. You'll see what I mean further below.

When I found that Jason was offering a very limited number of "publishing rights" to his clients for this program, I immediately secured one, even at the steap fee Jason was charging.

I didn't care, because I knew the information was a deal, no matter what the price!

And it is with great honor that I am able to make this same offer available to you... Read on to get the details of the "Instant Expert" program.

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

I believe I can turn anyone into an expert on almost any topic in 27 days or less.

Suprisingly, it only takes 8 steps to install my "instant expert technology" and the rewards are quick, instant and extremly lucrative.

And I am so confident in my system that I'm willing to make an unusual guarantee:

If you don't get 10 times back the investment you make today in my "instant expert technology", I'll give you double your money back!

More on that in a moment. first...


My name is Jason Fladlien and the last 13 months have been a strange journey for me.

As I sit in my office, ready to close on a $120,000 home, I think back to 13 months ago. I was living with my dad in a tiny two bedroom apartment, painting houses to support my internet marketing addiction.

A Note From Roger:

Since Jason created this system he's gone on to even greater success and bigger paydays. By the time he turned 28 or so (just a few years into being in his online business) he was earning over $500K per year.

Quite frankly he's a wunderkid in terms of picking up valuable new skills.

Way back in the day when I was first on his email list he'd often come out with 2 new -- big and detailed products per week. This included a full sales letter.

That's the equivalent of writing a 100 page book (or more) per week for weeks on end. Quite frankly I was amazed at how quickly he mastered new skills that he could make big time money with.

His Instant Expert program breaks down the exact (copyable) system he used to do it.

Quite frankly it's so simple any can do it.

Then one day I realized something: being 25 and living with your Dad and painting houses SUCKS!

So I decided to do something about it. I knew a little bit about article writing, but not enough to quit the day job. I decided to master it. A week later I was making $40 an hour and had more clients than I can handle. I didn't know it yet, but I had accidently stumbled on a formula for instant expertise.

Testimonial 1

Within a month, I quit my day job and moved into my own apartment.

Granted, it was an efficiency apartment and the whole thing was smaller than the living room of my new home I'm going to move into next month.

But it was a start.

Although ghost writing made me good money, I soon realized something: it was a crappy way to make a living. I was trading dollars for hours. Plus, I hated having to meet constant deadlines.

The only benefit from it was that it taught me some slick article writing tricks. So one day I decided to block out some time and write a report on all the secrets I discovered as a ghostwriter.

That report, "7 minute articles" allowed me to fire all my ghostwriting clients in less than a month. Again, when I wanted to make a quick change, I simply developed expertise in the skill that would make that change. But I still wasn't consciously aware athow I was doing it yet.

Testimonial 2

Based on my success from my first product launch, I had people emailing me up the wazoo wanting to know how to turn my article writing techniques into products.

I was up for the challenge.

A week later I had developed a formula for creating info products in 48 hours or less that could easily sell for at least $47 a pop.

I have this course and it's absolutely brilliant.

Many of my own products have been greatly improved as a result of what I learned from Jason. And he had much less experience in product creation at the time than I did.

I had no idea he created it so quickly. I also have his article writing course and have seen the most incredibly long list of great testimonials for it.

In fact, I'm a BIG TIME Jason Fladlien fan and have benefitted from many of his products from article writing, to product creation, to copywriting, to time management, to email writing, wordpress plugins, software and more.

Jason definitly walks his talk and is someone to keep an eye on.

And this time I was finally figuring out how I was able to quickly master these skills.

Testimonial 3

Soon I was using my own product creation formula to launch 6 products in the next 4 months.

The biggest problem for me was that each product required a sales letter. And I hated writing sales letters. I wanted to become an expert at writing "good enough" sales letters that converted at 1-3% but only took 2-3 hours to write.

That's when I decided to analyze my past successes and look for commonalities. Maybe I could detect a pattern that allowed me to get instant results. Turns out there was an underlying pattern.

And I could duplicate it.

I put it to work and not only was I able to write "near world class" sales letters in 2 hours or less, but they usually converted at 3-6%!
I had hit the motherload.

I moved out of the box apartment and into a very nice and spacious apartment.

Testimonial 4

Once I knew the secret to becoming an instant expert at almost any skill I chose, I went to work.

I mastered how to use product launches to sell high ticket items. I mastered how to use webinars to deliver content to get my clients better results. I mastered how to create backend product funnels that increased the average purchase size of my customer by over 67%.

And here I am, ready to move into a very nice home 13 months later. I am celebrating the end of 2008 by taking my girlfriend to Hawaii for a 6 day vacation. I deserve it!

Instant Expert Technology - Box Cover 

Here's How You Can Get Your
Hands On This "Instant
Expertise" Technology!

I just put the finishing touches on a 45 minute audio program and PDF worksheet on the exact system I now use whenver I want to master any skill as easily and quickly as possible.

The reason why the program is so short is beacuse my system is so simple. It's 8 steps, and it involves using mechanical systems instead of creativity and conscious thought.

The real trick to becoming an instant expert is continual action with a specific purpose. The more you think, the less you act. If you substitute thinking with mechanical systems that are most likely to install within you the knowledge and experience required to gain mastery, then you can gain that mastery so fast it will make your head spin.

Anyway, this technology I use has made me over six figures in 13 months and has changed my life. Not only my business life, but I've used it for personal development. I have used it to create deeper relationships with my loved ones. And so on.

I could easily put a price tag of $47 or even $97 on this "instant expert technology". If I wanted to do it right, I could "pad the package" and create a workbook, a video program, 5 bonuses and all that other good stuff to bump the perceived value through the roof.

But I'm not going to. I'm going to leave it in its simplest -- and most powerful form. And I'm going to offer it to you at the rock bottom price of $27.

No, that's not a typo. There are two reasons why the price is so low. First, I know my numbers. The average person who gets onto my "buyer's list" ends up purchasing 3-5 additional products from me. What happens is they realize how unique and systematic my processes are (I go light on info, heavy on replicatable systems), and I'm such a breath of fresh air that they immediately go out and purchase several other of my products.

The second reason I kept the price low is because I believe in this business philosophy: "pass the savings onto the client".

Since it took me less than an hour from start to finish to create this product, I don't have to charge an arm and a leg for it. What I saved in time is now passed onto you.

My Special Double Your
Money Back Guarantee!

Even though I sometimes making over $1700 in a single hour, I still hate to risk even $17.

Nor do I want you to feel like you're taking a risk to happily involve yourself with my "instant expert technology". So I'm going to make an unusual guarantee to you.

All you have to do is to show me you filled out the 8 step worksheet that accompanies the audio program. Then, if you can tell me that you honestly attempted to use it and that it didn't give you dramatic results, I will give you double your money back.

And, if you decide after listening to the audio program that you don't even want to try using my "instant expert technology", just shoot me an email and let me know, and I'll give you back 100% of your purchase.

Either way, you can't lose.

So What Will It Be?

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This is a 100% digitally downloaded program in audio, video and pdf format. Nothing will be shipped to me.

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